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Mando Parts (Overstock)

Mando Parts (Overstock)

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These items are all being sold separately. The price is the cost of each item. Please state in the comment sections when you order which item you would like to purchase. Jacket length measurement is not including the neck length, measurement is taken from the base of the neck to the bottom of the jacket. 

All measurements in inches and measurements are of the width (garment laid flat and measured from side seam to side seam). 

Original Prototype Pants
Dark grey 
 Waist width: 14"
 Hip width: 21.5
 Inseam length: 30
 Outseam length: 44
 Thigh width: 10.5
 Bottom cuff width: 7
 Full U-crotch: 31

Beskar Jacket Item #7 (will only ship to USA/Canada address) 
Neck width:  9
Chest width:  19
Armhole width:  8.5
High arm width: 7
Sleeve length: 22.5
Bottom width: 18
Shoulder width: 18.5
Jacket length: 20

Beskar Pants #14
Waist width: 17
Hip width: 20
Crotch rise length: 11
Thigh width: 11
Inseam length: 33
Outseam length: 44.5
Calf width: 7.5
Cuff width: 6 

Beskar Jacket Item #15 (will only ship to USA/Canada address)
Leather belly panel not included
Neck width: 11
Chest width: 22
Armhole width: 10
Inner sleeve bicep width: 6
Outer sleeve bicep width: 6
Shoulder width: 20
Sleeve length: 27
Bottom width: 19.5
Jacket length: 20