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Garment Care Instructions
Garment Care Instructions

Wool Suits: Frequent dry-cleaning can discolor and/or wear down fibers,  give your wool clothes an undesirable sheen, and can shrink your clothes if overdone.  Dry clean only when necessary. Sometimes a simple spot cleaning and/or steaming/pressing will be all that is required. Always choose a reputable dry-cleaner.

Shirts: Wash your shirts at 40 degrees centigrade (though Cold wash is always safer for cotton shirts to avoid shrinkage) by hand or by machine. Light weight shirts (thin cotton, linen, etc) should be washed either by hand or on a delicate cycle. We do not recommend tumble drying. Wash dark colors separately with a color detergent. Remove collar stiffeners prior to washing. Shirts are best ironed when damp, taking extra care when ironing the collar points to avoid creasing at the front of the collar.

Suits/Blazers/Trousers: These garments must be dry cleaned and stored hanging. After wearing, allow 24 hours to air thoroughly before storage.

Overcoats: Dry clean only.

Casual Jackets: Dry Clean (Wool Jackets) or hand wash (Cotton Jackets) is recommended. 

Waxed Jackets: Waxed garments (e.g. 2049 or Butcher coat) should only ever be wiped down with a damp cloth. All other cleaning methods (hot water, detergents, dry cleaning, etc) can ruin the waxed finish. If you need to clean it you can use a mild soap like saddle soap. 

Leather Jacket Care

  • Dust the jacket with a gentle brush or cloth. To avoid scuffing or damaging the leather, use a dry cotton cloth, nubuck cloth, or camel hair brush.
  • Clean finished leather with a damp cloth. Test your jacket first by dropping a single drop of water onto it. If the water stays on the surface, it is safe to wipe dirt from the leather using a slightly damp cloth. If the water is absorbed and darkens the leather, do not apply water.
  • Select leather cleaning products. We recommend using Pecard. Treat the affected part of the jacket according to the product's instructions.

Faux Suede Care: Although faux suede can be washed, the nature of each garment will determine whether you can machine wash it (for example: the lining of a faux suede coat may not react well to being washed in a machine). It is best to spot-wash any stains that do not come out with regular dry cleaning.

Accessory Care Instructions

Ties: Never wash your silk tie, dry clean only. For small stain spots we recommend you use a reputable stain removal product. 

T-shirts:  Wash  at 40 degrees centigrade, by hand or by machine. We do not recommend tumble drying. Wash dark colors separately with a color detergent. 

Leather Accessories (Bullwhips, Belts, Shoes/Boots, Gloves): These Leather goods should be oiled with Pecard (or any other leather care products) about once a year depending on use.

Bags: It is best to spot wash occasionally. 

Cufflinks & Jewelry: If your cufflinks are enamelled or stainless steel, avoid using cleaning solutions because it could ruin the solvents used to create them. Instead, use a soft polishing cloth to gently rub them clean when needed.

For more detailed information about cleaning and stain removal, see this PDF.