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Connery Shirt (Overstock)

Connery Shirt (Overstock)

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This minimalist shirt represents the simple elegance of a style-conscious spy. The most unique feature of this shirt is the turned back cocktail cuffs, similar to traditional French cuffs, but without the need of cufflinks. 

Please state in the comment section when you order which shirt you would like. 
Measurements in inches. Material: cotton twill

Model #1 White
Chest width: 1.5
Shoulders width: 16.5
Armhole width: 9
Cuff width: 5
Sleeve length: 25.5
Shirt length: 31
Bottom width: 21
Neck circumference: 15 

Model #2 Pink (2nd photo)
Neck circumference: 16.5
Chest width: 25
Armhole width: 10.5
Sleeve length: 23
Bottom width: 22
Shoulder width: 19.5
Shirt length: 30
Cuff width: 4.5

Connery Shirt (Overstock)