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Custom Gloves by Magnoli Clothiers

Custom Gloves

$125.00 USD

We can produce any of our existing glove styles in a variety of custom colors, materials, sizing and even a few customizations to suit your particular needs. Choose from a large color of smooth grained leather, suede leather, deerskin, cotton and synthetic fabrics. We can add or remove wrist-straps, decorative stitching and ventilation holes. We can also make gloves that can operate on touchscreen. i.e. your smartphones. 

If you have a style that is not shown in our collection, e-mail us and we'll discuss fully bespoke custom glove options.

Custom Gloves can be ordered in our regular sizes or entirely made-to-measure:

  • To find your regular glove size, measure the circumference of your palm (in inches). Next, measure the distance from the tip of your middle finger to the base of your hand. The larger of these two measurements is your glove size.
  • For made-to-measure gloves, please include your palm circumference, middle finger length and thumb crutch as shown in the image example.
  • The current wait time for custom gloves are 6-8 months. 

Note: The more complex the design and/or more expensive the fabric, the higher the custom details level. Before ordering please contact us with any info (pictures, sketches, etc.) of the item you want and we'll then confirm the price and turnaround time. 

Custom Details:
A: Palm Circumference:
B: Finger Length:
C: Thumb Crutch:
Custom Gloves