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Custom Frock Coat

Custom Frock Coat

$470.00 USD

We can design a fully custom frock coat from any film, television show, game, vintage advertisement or your own drawings. Even your favorite Coat that you've worn for years, which is coming to the end of it's life. We can duplicate it!  Many materials and colors are available, so the options are endless.

Shown are some examples of Custom Frock Coats we have produced. 

  • Made to measure
  • Can do any style 
  • See here for estimated Turnaround time
  • FREE Shipping

Note: The more complex the design and/or more expensive the fabric, the higher the custom details level. Before ordering please contact us with any info (pictures, sketches, etc.) of the item you want and we'll then confirm the price and turnaround time. 

Custom Details:
Note: This product requires measurements. You will be contacted shortly after your order is placed to discuss measurements and any other details of your order.
Custom Frock Coat