Custom Leather Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Custom Leather Jacket

Date Added: Sunday 07 February, 2021
by Ian C.
Many, many years ago, when I was in my early twenties, I searched for the perfect (for me) leather jacket. I knew what I wanted, I could see it in my head, but the main problem was that it didn’t seem to exist in the actual real world. Every second hand store, pawn shop, op shop I passed, I’d go in. Eventually, I found something close. Close, but no cigar. But it was the closest thing I’d ever found and Young Me wore it on his travels to the UK, Europe, USA, Japan, as well as all his adventures here in Australia.

As I entered my thirties, the cool-but-not-quite-right Jacket was retired to the closet, as I was “too old” for leather jackets then. Flash forward to 2020; a cold and blustery day, and I have to go out on some quick errand. I reach into the closet and grab the first jacket to hand. My old NQR leather jacket. And I loved wearing it again! Sure, I’m nearly fifty, but who cares. Not me, it seemed. But still, that nagging thought ... I WISH it was a little bit different. And then it hit me. Magnoli.

I’d dealt with Magnoli Clothiers years ago when they made me a frock coat, and I saw that they have a custom leather jacket option on their site. I sent them a couple of pics of my old jacket and my thoughts on how it could be better, and BOOM, we’re away.

We decided the best way would be if I sent them my original jacket to work from, which I was happy to do. The communication was swift and helpful, the payment plan was flexible and doable, and my very specific demands were listened to.

And then, one day, a box arrived containing my past and my future. I first pulled out my old jacket and discovered that - as an extra courtesy - Magnoli Clothiers had carried out an unsolicited and free repair, hemming the sleeves, which had been torn open years ago! Holy crap.

And then, my new jacket. Fit? Perfect. Distressing? Perfect. Bright red lining that I asked for? Perfect. Details that I won’t bore you with? Perfect. The Magnoli tailors, having my old jacket in hand, were able to replicate the smallest stitching and design details. Finally, thirty years later, the perfect (for me) leather jacket.

I highly recommend Magnoli’s custom leather jacket option if you’re undecided. Yes, it’s a bit pricey, but as I mentioned above, they offer a very flexible payment plan. Yes, it takes a couple of months, but it’s worth the wait. And if there are any unforeseen issues, they will be solved openly and quickly. My only regrets are that Young Me didn’t get to see this jacket and wear it all over the world, and that it’s summer in Australia right now and I can’t start breaking this bad boy in yet.

The whole transaction was awesome, and I’m glad I did it. You will be too. Cheers Magnoli Clothiers; Young Me, Mid-Life-Crisis(current)-Me, and Future Old Man Me thank you.

The search is over, this is the last leather jacket I will ever own.

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