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Royale Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Royale Shirt

$238.02 NZD
Date Added: Saturday 31 May, 2008
by Joseph P.
Well my package arrived on Friday 2/08/08, extremely fast delivery I might add. It only took a total of 18 days from the time I ordered and the time of delivery. However I wasn?t home so I didn?t get it until late Monday night. Let me just say that when I barely opened the package and I saw the color that was peeking up at me through a crack in the cardboard?I was instantly ecstatic! Because I knew it was the pants and that the color was perfect!! because I had seen a photo on COW and the pants seemed to be entirely a different color (much lighter). Im not sure what happened maybe they ordered the wrong color or perhaps the lighting ? but either way I?m very happy with the results. Im relieved that I don?t need to attempt a re-dye (as previously thought due to those pics).

Now I havent even mentioned the fit yet. But its very hard for me to find clothes that fit right. Because Im a big guy, not only am I tall but Im also on the ?stockier? side. For trousers I have a big waist and short inseam. And for shirts I have a long torso and long sleeve length and bigger belly but a normal chest. So when I buy shirts they?ll fit in the chest but not the length or the sleeve length or belly. And when I buy pants the inseam is ok but the waist isn?t. Then to complicate things I also prefer a looser fit. But let me say magnolis tailors nailed the specs. The fit is great?..its almost as if they were custom fitted for me (oh wait, they were!). Thanks again IM!!!!

Fortune and Glory,


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