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Royale Leather Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Royale Leather Jacket

$550.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 15 September, 2019
by Craig H.
Received my second attempt at this jacket last week. Pleased to say that measurement specifications accurately followed second time around. This jacket could take the leap from a "not bad" replica to an amazing replica with a few optional additions. Firstly, the lamb skin is not particularly soft or flexible, in fact it is quite stiff for lamb. I'm not sure how other lamb skin jackets achieve this butter softness but an option to possibly upgrade the leather to something softer would be welcome. Secondly the woollen collar, is again relatively stiff and not the correct colour. In natural light it appears dark brown but under electric light it appears dark green. Again, a step up in the quality of the collar and wool used would be welcome. Finally, the zip feels quite cheap and lesser quality. I believe these 3 items could propel this jacket into the amazing category and would be worth it even with a price jump.

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