Madagascar Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Madagascar Shirt

Date Added: Monday 29 April, 2019
by Christian S.
Received the shirt today and directly noticed that the colourway and pattern is more or less 100% screenaccurate. This shirt has an absolutely unique and wonderful floral pattern which is -to my taste- way ahead of any standard "Hawaiian styles". In the first moment, i was a little bit afraid that the shirt runs way too long (at least 5 cm longer than i wished) so i´ve put it to wash and in the tumbler and the result afterwards is -just perfect. I´m still a but doubting though if this perfect final result happened merely coincidentally or because Magnoli anticipated and considered that i'm generally using a tumbler ;-) So everyone should know that the fabric used for this shirt is obviously not prewashed and will shrink significantly if you wash at 40 degrees and use a tumbler (which by the way is both strictly forbidden according to care label). After the first wash, the fabric looses even the very last bit of stiffness and its a super soft and light premium cotton quality that reminds you instantly of famous italian brands. I used to struggle a bit with the decision to order as i initially found the price out of proportion for a thin short sleeve shirt and did not know what quality to expect, but what i got is just excellent . So highly recommended but consider the sizing and washing issue carefully.

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