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Joker Coat by Magnoli Clothiers

Joker Coat

$550.00 USD
Date Added: Wednesday 07 February, 2018
by Shawn P.
Dark Knight Joker coats... they are easy to find, many sellers on ebay and such are offering them. Yes, a lot cheaper in price, but also quality. I personally can tell you I have ordered easily 4 Joker coats. Some were ridiculously long, some were horribly itchy wool and the color was just way off. Then after I have ordered almost everything else Joker related from Magnoli, the next step was the most reputable showpiece of the cosplay... the long purple overcoat. Yes, as I said, very very often imitated and many offer it for hundreds less, but they all skimp in quality. They are all thrown together, mass produced for anyone that wants a quick, cheap cosplay on a budget. But if you want the real deal, the last Joker coat you'll ever need, this is it. This has it all, from the proper number of panels in the back, proper buttons, correct amount of inner and outer pockets and the right "curtain" panels Heath's coat had which virtually no other cheaper coats has. The color is spot on, and it is radiant and beautiful in the light but dark and sinister in darker conditions. This is a truly one of a kind coat that any serious Joker cosplayer should consider if they want their Joker cosplay to be the best they can have.

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