Falcon Gloves by Magnoli Clothiers

Falcon Gloves

Date Added: Friday 11 February, 2011
by john w.
I live in the States, and received these gloves very quickly. When I opened them up I was prepared to be impressed, but not THIS impressed.

The workmanship of these gloves cannot be denied or overstated. I found all of the contrast stitching to be perfectly aligned and hued on both gloves, with not one single stitch out of place on either one of them. The way they fit onto my hand is as smooth as silk, and although the leather is very fine, I have no worries about it stretching or tearing over time. The fasteners work perfectly and cause no discomfort whatsoever, nor is there any discomfort on the inside of the gloves from errant layers or stitching. I ordered the yellow ones, opting for the bumblebee look, and each individual piece of yellow leather matched exactly...no scrounging from disparate scrap leathers for these babies. Not only is the craftsmanship apparent and undeniable, but the little detail touches are fantastic, as well...even unseen things like matching the stitch color on the internal brand tag (which is small enough and placed appropriately to not cause an uncomfortable fit on the wrist) matching the contrast leather.

I cannot praise these gloves highly enough...I will probably be buying another pair in the near future as a gift, and you guys should put this item on your front page, as EVERYONE needs a pair of these puppies.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]