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Vintage Notebook by Magnoli Clothiers

Vintage Notebook (green/red)

$35.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 23 May, 2006
by Christian M.
Well...since I saw "Raiders" I have been rabid about finding props to populate my house. I wanted to start out with a few small things and then work my way from there. I really had no idea props as seemingly insignificant (to the uniformed) as this journal were even available!!
Might I just say, not only does Magnoli have the best contact turnaround that I have ever experienced but he delivers the finest of products:) The journal shipped in a very authentic "Indiana" way!. Brown paper with a typewriter printed address label (Remember the grail diary wrapper?) This boded well. Carefully removing the wrapper I was pleased to find a beautiful rendition of the original prop. Indy was even so kind to include a rubber band!! LOL This journal is quality +++ very sturdy and I would say it could hold up very well in the field!! It also looks great in a MKVII gasmask bags...if you take my meaning;)

If you are after quality and something a little different in your prop collection then this may be it! It was for me.

Well done Indy...another ULTRA satisfied customer:)

Christian Murfet (IndyTaz-COW'er)
Tasmania, Australia

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