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Joker Pants by Magnoli Clothiers

Joker Pants

$375.02 NZD
Date Added: Thursday 21 December, 2017
by Shawn P.
For those of you debating on getting this and if you're a serious cosplayer that really wants to make the best Joker cosplay you can, these are the pants for you. I was skeptical at first, $195 for a pair of pants, when there are alternatives... CHEAP alternatives (both in price and quality) and let me tell ya, I spent lots of time and wasted money making or buying Joker pants replicas. Nothing was ever quite good enough, I would compare the pants in the movie to whatever I had at the time and as a perfectionist, I felt I was skimping on quality and it was always in the back of my mind the pants just were never want I wanted, never perfect. After already owning a few things from Magnoli Clothiers, I went ahead and ordered these. Almost a month later, after I gave them my measurements and made payment, they were here, sent express delivery. I was eager to tear the package open and the month's wait and the money spent, was it worth it?

Immediately the color of the pants were absolutely screen accurate. I picked the pants up and they were surprisingly heavy. Very durable business suit material that you'd find in a finer suit store. The fishtail back is well stitched and will never tear. The suspender buttons are already sewn on which saves me so much time and extra money, I can throw the Magnoli diamond green suspenders right on. The pants fit absolutely perfectly, which honestly was a concern. Perfect waist fit, perfect around the hips, thighs, perfect length, everything. The last pair of pants I had tailored were easily 4 inches too long and far too baggy with its share of flaws. These fit perfectly like a well tailored pair of pants should fit. In the right lighting these pants are radiant and gorgeous. These are the best Joker pants you are going to get. If you want to have the last and best pair of Joker pants, these are it. Don't waste anymore money in imitations like I have, go for the best, go for Magnoli Clothiers.

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