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Goldfinger Suit by Magnoli Clothiers

Goldfinger Suit

746.34 EUR
Date Added: Monday 16 June, 2008
by George C.
I found Magnoli Clothiers pretty much by accident, surfing the internet reading some information on Bond collectables. Long a fan of the Bond series of films, I found it quite clever and intriguing that someone had actually made a business of making replica suits from these classic films of more than 40 years ago.

Before buying, I did a fair bit of research online about this company, and found that Indy had a very good reputation for being responsive and providing great customer service. I had a lot of questions-- like others I was a bit nervous about fitting a suit over the internet-- but Indy was pleasant, and readily answered all of my questions to my satisfaction. He even modified his design for the 'Goldfinger' suit for me when I discovered looking at image captures from the actual film that the jacket sleeves had four buttons, instead of three (and he will carry this going forward).

I ordered some swatches to check out the materials, and once I picked what I wanted, and ordered, the suit was made and shipped very quickly, has arrived in time for a trip I'm taking shortly where it will come in handy.

The fit and quality of the suit is quite excellent-- especially the jacket. I might have the pants and vest taken in just a bit around the waist by a local tailor, but the fit as tailored for everything is great, and quite comfortable.

Having a suit like this to wear out and about is kind of like being 'in' on the joke-- Goldfinger, Connery, the tailoring of the clothes from those movies 44 years ago is still quite cool and the look wears well still in the early 21st century.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]