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Bourne Burn Bank Bag by Magnoli Clothiers

Bourne Burn Bag

$75.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 21 March, 2021
by Kenny L.
I wanted to order this bag from the moment I saw Adam Savage's video about it but couldn't really justify the cost back then. But, not long ago, I needed to retire my old travel bag and though it was the perfect opportunity to order this one. Right when I first unpacked it, I noticed that the rope joint was placed at an awkward spot for prolonged usage. I don't know if they are all made like that but mine has the joint in between two of the metal rings that fold together when the bag is being transported. What that does is it puts more stress than needed on the joint and it visually started degrading after multiple uses. I tried moving it down to the loop section, which I think would be the best place for it to go unnoticed, but couldn't get it past the piece of material that holds both ropes together, which could be used as a stopper if it was sturdier and glided more easily on the ropes themselves and is another thing that I find annoying. But I understand that the original bag was just a movie prop and not really intended for multiple use so a replica would have the same problems. But I think it could use some work. Those two are pretty much the only things I don't enjoy from this item. I still really like it because the Bourne Identity is one of my favorite movies and owning a replica of his "Burn Bag" is quite the rush for me. The color is beautiful. The ropes look nice except from the occasional piece of thin white plastic that comes out of it but whatever. Overall, I'm still satisfied with my purchase and looking forward to ordering more things from Magnoli.

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