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Sherlock Holmes Overcoat by Magnoli Clothiers

Sherlock Overcoat

$695.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 05 November, 2013
by Adam E.
Wow. I just got this and am really impressed. The pattern is a really good match and has a nice weight to it. Not too heavy, but still substantial enough. Regarding the collar and lapels. The BBC sherlock coat is generally worn with the collar flipped up and the lapels look larger than standard coats. This is because the lapels on screen crease over lower than on a standard coat, below the first pair of buttons. I'm happy to say that the collar stays flipped up well, and the lapels are fashioned in such a way that you can make them look like the TV show, or wear them more standard. The red buttonholes and the back skirt are all nice touches, as is the belted back. This is a very nice reproduction of the coat on TV and it looks very handsome, IMO, when wearing with a dress shirt and blazer. Tell Magnoli Clothiers where you want to have the coat hang to. Mine hangs to my knees, which is where I like it. If you want it lower or higher, they will accommodate. As always, a very nice item and distinctive enough to get compliments from friends.

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