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Anniversary Tie by Magnoli Clothiers

Anniversary Tie (Out of Stock)

$60.00 USD
Date Added: Wednesday 08 February, 2017
by Ian H.
THE BAD: I am surprised at how stiff the tie is. Far stiffer than any other of the dozen or so silk ties I have in my closet.. This is not a problem except for being REALLY picky, You can tell that the tie in the dr who episode was obviously quite soft from the knot formed. Also, it smells a bit funny like it has been laying around in plastic too long sprayed with some fabric preservative (hopefully this wears off i only just opened the package).

THE GOOD: It is a fabulous! maybe my 2nd fav after a tie that cost a lot more. This tie is not just a costume piece, you could wear it anywhere. Want to smile all the way through a board meeting? this is the ticket. (might not get away with the converse to match though)..

CONCLUSION: I shall wear until the rigors of time and usage have killed it and then cry at its funeral many many years from now.

Rating: 4 of 5 Stars! [4 of 5 Stars!]