Argyle Cardigan by Magnoli Clothiers

Argyle Cardigan

Date Added: Monday 21 October, 2013
by Adam E.
This was a very nice surprise to see coming, via the Facebook page. I can't think of anyone other than a specialized custom sweater maker that could put this together. There are three special items present on this cardigan that you won't find on commercial products , no matter how high end. First, the four pockets. It's hard to find a cardigan with two pockets, let alone 4. Second, the yellow mixed in with the brown and white in the argyle pattern. It's somewhat easy to find brown and white, but it's hard to find the three colors together. Lastly, the sleeves are lighter than the brown in the torso.

When I got mine I actually checked it against pictures because I remember the sleeves being lighter than this sweater, but I was wrong. The colors here are pretty spot on. It's more subtle than I remember, but I think the colors here are very, very close to the screen accurate presentation.

Lastly a comment about the material. I can't stand cheap, lightweight fabrics that feel rough, This is a nice material. Well balanced. Not too heavy and not cheap or lightweight. I tried it on over a t-shirt and it felt nice against my skin,

Overall, like many Doctor Who items, they work as trying to match what you saw on TV or work as everyday wear. This definitely works as both. This replaces a nice Banana Republic cardigan I had in brown and white argyle and it's easier the better of the two sweaters.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]