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Connery Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Connery Shirt

$240.55 NZD
Date Added: Tuesday 24 July, 2007
by Darren O.
I just received my first 007 shirt, and will certainly be ordering more in the future. I paid a little extra for the sea island cotton, and it was worth every penny. It looks and feels more like fine silk. The turn back cuffs are really elegant feature -- dressier than button up, barrel cuffs, but with out the annoying tendency French cuffs have to drag on table tops and get in your way when you are writing or eating or doing anything else at a table. And having a made to measure shirt is simply wonderful. I have a hard time finding shirts that fit. Most that won't choke me to death when I button the collar have sleeves either too long or too short, and are cut much too full. Clothing manufacturers make things to a general size, that they think will fit most people well enough, and the result is something that fits no one perfectly. This shirt fits perfectly. It's amazing how much better one looks when one's clothes fit properly.

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