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Crombie Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Covert Jacket

$745.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 27 March, 2020
by Jonathan N.
96% satisfied with my order! The buttons were brown instead of black and I requested two different types of red buttons to go on the cuffs, but they ended up being identical, which is understandable. I don't mind the brown since the color vibes with maroon well, but if I were ordering this as a hardcore 12th Doctor cosplayer I'd probably be a bit disappointed. Fortunately I am not a cosplayer, so I can roll with it not being 100% screen accurate (or at least the illusion of screen accurate). With that out of the way, the colors are very vibrant and the lining that I requested was such a dark red that it "shimmers black" instead of white, if that makes sense...I guess it casts shadows? I chose deep red for the lining and it definitely provides a contrast to the midnight blue wool Crombie. It's obvious why the maroon velvet is a fan favorite. Really can't say enough about the colors or the fabric. Really amazing work!  So I give it a 4.5 since the buttons weren't what I requested, but the rest of the coat (like 96%) is perfect. I'm giving it a 5 by rounding up.

Also want to take a moment to shout out their customer service. My jacket had to be remade because of shipping issues the first time (be sure to track your package carefully) through no fault of Magnoli's yet they remade the jacket for me at no extra cost. Not every company would be so dedicated, so if you are a Doctor Who or sci-fi fan you're not going to find a better combination of quality and service. 

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]