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Crombie Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Covert Jacket

$745.00 USD
Date Added: Saturday 08 August, 2020
by Joe K.
This summer I decided to reward myself. The state of the world being seemingly so sad and desperate required ACTION!

I have followed Magnoli Clothiers for some time, often coming close to making the investment in one of the so many desirable clothing items I see online only to pause with uncertain apprehension. Well, the time finally came this summer. I knew it was time for a change, for a refreshed & renewed outlook on life and myself. I wanted to bring joy to my world and to myself.

The burgundy velvet coat I ordered — with TREMENDOUS assistance from the Magnoli associates — was truly just what The Doctor ordered. The coat is expertly stitched and crafted. Feels brilliantly subtle to the touch and hangs perfectly on me.

I chose the customized maroon/black lining which appears as an expertly crafted cross-stitch pattern. The lining does add a wee bit of heft to the coat which I am certain will be appreciated on the windier autumn days ahead. The side pockets do sit higher than typical, as do the two inner pockets. The button fixtures (something that for some reason always are the first to fail on items for me) are stitched with firmness but with enough grace for easy yet secure fastening.

Many thanks to the team at Magnoli. Their wares are not cheap and if you are uncertain whether the quality merits the cost, I assure to set those fears aside. Treat yourself. You deserve it. We all deserve it. And I look forward to returning to my travels, well outfitted, and collect many more of the compliments from passers-by along my way that I have already garnered.

Only the best and many thanks.

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