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British Mark VII Satchel by Magnoli Clothiers

British Mark VII Satchel

53.78 EUR
Date Added: Wednesday 28 December, 2016
by Ryan H.
I have one previously-written review from Feb. 2007, but felt the need to write another. It's been almost 10 years since I bought my FIRST Mark VII satchel from Indy. I have since purchased EVERY new/revised version he has put out, NOT because the others wore out or were defective in any way, but because each one has been slightly different and in my opinion an upgrade from the previous version. Each one is made of slightly higher quality canvas, is a closer color to the film/original satchel, has slightly more accurate dimensions, etc. Indy is constantly improving his craft, and as such his products. I haven't regretted a single purchase, and should he come out with another revision, I'll likely buy it too. This satchel (all variants) has been my daily companion for almost a decade and has been literally around the world with me. Do not hesitate to buy this bag if you are looking for a quality piece of kit with which to carry those daily essentials. 5/5, WILL buy again.

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