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Murdock Sunglasses by Magnoli Clothiers

Murdock v1 Sunglasses

64.15 GBP
Date Added: Wednesday 28 November, 2018
by Daniel F.
I am a proud owner of both the red and the dark grey sunglasses. I have never seen cooler sunglasses in my Life before I saw them on the show, and felt that I had to get them or something very similar. I acctually looked in every single store in my hometown and found nothing that could pass for Murdock sunglasses. I googled "Daredevil sunglasses", and your screenaccurate moviereplicas were among the first I found and I have to say that I am moore than pleased with both of them. The grey colored glasses are abit moore comfortable to look thru than the red ones, but the latter are of course the real deal and a bit moore original in style with its red lenses. Very happy customer! Thank you Magnoli. Peace from Daniel in Sweden

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