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Murdock Sunglasses by Magnoli Clothiers

Murdock v1 Sunglasses

$80.00 USD
Date Added: Thursday 24 January, 2019
by Dario C.
I've waited a bit to post a review on these glasses, because I've been occupied with wearing them all day: they're addicting!
Let's go a bit into the detail, starting but something that I've read both in Amazon and here: the glasses feels fragile. Do they?
Of course, the temple is thin and round, and from a perceptive standpoint they may feels delicate, but that's just the way this kind of temples are. I've got other glasses with metal frame similar to this and they give the same vibe.

Now, the important thing: the lenses.
They're not dark blood red as those in the TV show, which are surely post-edited and highly Influenced by the lights used for shootings since you can't even see a bit through (which is unrealistic), but once wore they do the job: they get darker - like every colored and transparent thing placed on a darker surface - and the dark red is shown. Depending on the light that hit you're face of course, this darkness of the lenses will be enhanced or diminished, but it will be there nonetheless. As I mentioned before, unless you're not in a closed environment or in a place with weak lighting, it's unrealistic to have your eyes completely hidden by the lenses: people will be able to see through, but the slight mirroring that these lenses have will make it harder for them to do it.
Tl;dr: the lenses are amazing.

They didn't came with a case, but that's no biggie.

This said, they're more than worth the price: if you can and want to get the Matt Murdock glasses, these are the best out there.

P. S
I don't do cosplay, I'm using them as everyday glasses. They work amazingly and like every red lenses, they're the best bet when in low light situation or snow. I've walked and drove wearing them on: not a single problem.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]