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Spectre Polo Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Spectre Polo Shirt (Navy)

$74.28 AUD
Date Added: Friday 12 July, 2019
by RM P.
My Spectre Navy Polo arrived the other day and I was too busy to even try it on, bugger all! LOL! When I finally had the time to try it on I was very pleased.
The overall quality of the materials and workmanship is just perfect. It is as close the screen version as to be essentially the same shirt, at sunfully low pricing.
The good people of Magnoli have done it again! This polo is my second Magnoli purchase, the long sleeve polo from Casino Royale was my first and I am just as pleased with this polo as I was with the first one.
I truly feel bad for those out there that spent heaven knows how much for the Tom Ford version of this shirt when they could have purchased this shirt and saved a car payment, LOL!
OK, perhaps my last statement went a bit far, but I truly feel like the folks at Magnoli have presented an excellent product at a reasonable price.
I must provide the caveat I gave when I reviewed my long sleeve polo from Casino Royale, if you're a few pounds over your ideal weight order at least one size larger than you might normally order. My order was for a large, which fits me perfectly. However, if I were a few pounds heavier that might present a problem. The shirt is a snug fit, which is great for me, but might not be great if I were a plumper person, so bear that in mind when ordering this shirt, which I heartily recommend.
Communications with Magnoli are the best in the business and cannot be praised enough. Magnoli does the communications end of this business perfectly and should be used as a model for anyone else doing this. Thank you again, Magnoli!
I am very anxious to try on my Royale Leather Jacket, but completely understand the time taken to deliver a great product.
Cheers again to all of you at Magnoli!

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