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Quantum Sunglasses by Magnoli Clothiers

Quantum Sunglasses

$80.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 24 July, 2020
by G. J.
I bought these off Magnoli's eBay page about 2 months ago, so this is a bit of a retrospective review.
If I'm being honest, these are probably my favorite pair of sunglasses. I have the Persol 2720s, the TF Henry's and so on, but I usually reach for these. Why? Well, the lenses used in these are very optimal; I feel zero discomfort when I'm in the sun. (And yes, they are quite blue, but it makes it easier to match your outfits together, eh?)
Also, these have NEVER slid down by nose, and that is a huge plus for me.
They feel well-put-together, with one exception; the temples of the sunglasses have become far less stiff than when I received them.
When I pick them up out of their case, the temples just swing out on their own. Not a big deal, but something I've noted since receiving them.
I mainly picked these up because the screen-accurate pair is long-gone and very rare. These, I kid you not, are exact replicas. Everything except "Tom Ford" is executed so wonderfully to the originals. I honestly can't decide between getting the actual NTTD Vuarnets, or simply picking up Magnoli's alternatives, with the knowledge I've gained from owning these!

Don't hesitate!

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