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Genuine MkVII Gas Mask Bag

Genuine MkVII Gas Mask Bag

$60.00 USD
Date Added: Thursday 09 May, 2019
by Rudy G.
These bags truly are unissued and vintage! Mine had some uneven sun bleaching, but other than that looked amazing. The way this bag 'falls' when empty is exactly as seen in the movies, and an effect which is hard to replicate. I love it. I asked Magnoli to sort through the bags to look for one I wanted (the textured buttons and such) and service was great again. A fair warning to all: These bags are old! Very old! The cotton straps holding the rings where you attach the strap has started to tear through after a few weeks use. This isn't my first real bag, so I was prepared. Either use it for display / costuming only, or as I did, reinforce these straps! I bought some OD green nylon webbing, unpicked the stitching and inserted a length of the webbing in the original webbing. Now it looks old as before, and has been holding up! If you absolutely need this bag as a daily bag (I understand!) and don’t want to sew, buy the Magnoli replica. It is more sturdy, and better equipped for daily life and carrying around some weight.

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