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Time Long-Coat by Magnoli Clothiers

Time Long Coat (Ready Made)

$695.00 USD $395.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 23 August, 2020
by Brian M.
Worth every penny. Being a longtime Doctor Who fan I have wanted this coat since I was a child. Doctor Who has influenced the way that I dress so much (to the point where the only shoes I own are Converse and I wear a bow tie nearly every day), it feels so amazing to finally own this incredibly well-detailed, amazing looking coat. Being a college student I don't exactly have tons of money so I was hesitant at first purchasing it, but boy was it worth it. Purchasing the ready-made version I was worried about how well it would actually fit, but it honestly fits me almost perfectly. I really can't find much to criticize about this coat, at least not anything that couldn't have easily been avoided had I gone all out and gotten the made-to-measure version, but even then I would only be nitpicking about personal clothing preferences. For instance, personally I would have preferred the outside pockets to be a tad bit, shall we say, a bit "bigger on the inside". That's not to say they are small by any means, they are certainly a comfortable size. But aside from that, again I really can't find anything to complain about this fantastic coat. Truly a beautiful addition to anyone's wardrobe.

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