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Custom Gloves by Magnoli Clothiers

Custom Gloves

$125.00 USD
Date Added: Wednesday 12 December, 2018
by Philip K.
Today I put on a pair of real gloves for the first time. As I have a unique configuration of six fingers and three thumbs, these gloves that I put on are the first gloves ever made in my shape. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve worn others before, usually oversized mittens or oversized gloves, the left one worn palm facing up, both with finger-holes stuffed back into the palm. For obvious reasons, I avoid them, which has caused all sorts of trouble, including injury from working outside in the cold without sufficient protection.

These gloves that you kindly crafted for me are not just an embracement of what a glove means to a hand, they are a deeply personal validation. They are, without a doubt, my single favorite piece of outerwear. Thank you for providing me with this enabling product, and for the level of care and quality you imbued it with.

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