Patent Leather Consul Shoes by Magnoli Clothiers

Patent Leather Consul Shoes

Date Added: Tuesday 24 October, 2006
by Marc K.
In short: these are the best pair of shoes I've ever owned!

And the longer version: I wanted a pair of shoes like that, ever since I saw them years ago, in a German book about Gentlemen clothes. What better "excuse" than my own wedding could possible be found to finally get them. So I contacted Senior Magnoli and after a few e-mails forth and back, I took the plunge and ordered them.

Fast forward four weeks: I "finally" (what a joke: four weeks for a pair of custom made shoes is NOTHING) had the shoes in my hands. Nice. Just the way I wanted them to be. And EXTREMELY well made too, going by the first inspection. I put them on, and they were even more comfortable than my Aldens, which in opposite to these brand new dress shoes, had been dragged all over Europe for the past two years (and had been quite a bit more expensive too). I was impressed, to say the least.

Fast forward yet another week: I was preparing myself for the waltz, trying to learn the steps it takes to make yourself look halfway comfortable, without breaking your brides feet. Of course I was wearing my new Consuls during the practice lessons, as they had to be broken in, to avoid swollen feet and blisters on the wedding day itself. Or so I THOUGH. After wearing the shoes for 3-4 hours and STILL feeling as comfortable, as if I was wearing a pair of tennis shoes, I slowly started to understand how well I did by investing in these shoes.

Yet another week later: Sunday morning after the wedding at the hotel. I had been up to 3:30 am, wearing the shoes all day and there was NOTHING in regards of hurting feet or blisters. So I put them on for breakfast and started braggin' about how comfortable these shoes are, in front of our guests. Of course, everybody thought that I would be joking, but actually I couldn't have been more serious.

Now, 6-7 weeks later, I'm writing this review. I've had various occasions to wear the shoes in the meanwhile (not enough though, if you ask me) and I've had nothing but good experiences with them. The little gap, that made it impossible to tie the shoes together to 1mm all the way up to begin with, has since vanished due to the way the leather has conformed even more to my feet by now. The patent leather is as shiny as when I got them, and I'm looking forward for the day, when I can order a second pair.

Marc Kitter

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