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Solo Suede Leather Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Solo Suede Jacket (WL)

$345.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 28 April, 2019
by Eric R.
1. Intended Use:
From the beginning, I intended this jacket to be my “daily wear” leather jacket, not a costume. The quality and craftsmanship needed to match that of the rest of my wardrobe. It does.
2. Ordering:
Streamlined and simple. Joachim answered my many questions both by video and by text. I wish I could input my body measurements and have Magnoli make the garment from those, rather than from an existing jacket. Thankfully, I am lucky to have expertly tailored jackets in my possession to work from. Magnoli caught and corrected MY measuring errors. They pay attention to detail. For instance, I’m a short fellow, and they wanted to ensure the jacket would fit properly based on the numbers I provided.
3. Communication:
I emailed back and forth with Joachim nearly a dozen times. He was always professional, and helpful. The customer service is outstanding.
4. Shipment:
The jacket was shipped and arrived ahead of schedule.
5. Impressions:
Opening the package, the jacket smelled like a barnyard in the best of ways. Masculine. Strong. Animalistic. These are good things. People pay good money for colognes that don’t smell as good. The “new jacket smell” lasted about 2 months.
The suede is soft, supple, and just begs to be touched.
The stitching is expert. I have an eye for detail and have not found any noticeable mistakes.
It is a statement piece. Wear it to be Han, or wear it to be you knowing it will attract attention.
I’ve worn the jacket in (dry) weather from the mid-teens (Fahrenheit) to mid 70’s, and been comfortable. When it’s cold, wear a scarf, when it’s warm, wear short sleeves.
I love this jacket.
6. Screen Accuracy:
I’m of the belief that the screen version is a bit shorter than “mid belt,” and ordered accordingly. It seems to me that the front of the screen used jacket is longer than the back. My, likely incorrect, observations.
“Midnight blue” contrast may well be what Alden wore on set, but to me, the panels look black on screen. Other licensed merch has the panels as black. I think this is a case of “what was worn” v. “what it looks like on screen after color correction.” And, as I sit looking at the jacket now (in midnight blue) it looks black. I’ve even spent hours Christmas shopping with friends who thought the panels were black. The blue is bluest in direct sunlight. Blue makes my eyes pop, and adds flair. Also, I believe Magnoli when they say it’s what Alden wore.
7. Compliments:
Unanimously positive from friends and family. “Good Purchase.” “Looks great.” “Fits amazingly.” “Looks very expensive.”
Strangers have also complimented me. Over a half dozen. Only one person has commented on it being a “Solo” jacket. The rest just commented on the overall “niceness” of it, how they liked it, etc... I notice people looking at the jacket when I wear it. It stands out.
8. Final Thoughts:
This is a statement piece that isn’t so garish or “spacey” that it can’t be worn daily. It’s the offspring of an Eisenhower coat and a Rebel without a clue. It turns heads. And you feel like a million credits with it wrapped around you.
Buy this coat.
But, don’t wear it to the same party as me, yeah?

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]