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Manhattan Tuxedo by Magnoli Clothiers

Manhattan Tuxedo

$785.00 USD
Date Added: Monday 04 July, 2016
by Paul B.
This is a very eye-catching, but not ostentation tuxedo. I wore this to officiate a friend's wedding and got more than a few compliments on my attire. The style and detail seem very classic, which can make it a little conspicuous even among tuxedos, but all is in proper proportion. The full satin trim, especially on the lapels adds a little to intrigue observer's eyes, but isn't garish and complements a satin bow tie well. The satin covering on the buttons makes them less overt. The interior pockets are rather capacious, supplying a good place to keep things that one needs, but would prefer be out of sight. It succeeds in presenting an appearance that is impressive, but in keeping with black-tie minimalism.

The fit was quite good, which is especially welcome if clothes off the rack tend to fit awkwardly, and my request for a different, but still complementary, vest was readily accommodated.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]