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Circus Pants by Magnoli Clothiers

Circus Pants

$285.00 USD
Date Added: Wednesday 14 September, 2022
by Philip S.
With the Patchwork Frock Coat on order from Magnoli I had been seeking a supplier of the Yellow and Black striped trousers to help create a 6th Doctor cosplay. Having already discovered the shirt and waistcoat were readily available to order from Magnoli I was delighted to discover that the Circus Pants which, on first viewing, seem to be for a 5th Doctor cosplay, could also be made in the colourings of the 6th Doctor's style.

Having discussed the ordering of the Pants, Vest (Waistcoat) and Shirt with Joachim in Sales, he very kindly organised a payment plan, for which a deposit was required, which would enable the tailors to make a start on the garments and could be paid off over a period culminating in paying off the total amount prior to the items being shipped.

In our discussions I requested the pockets I would like created as part of the process (two front/side pockets and two rear pockets) so I would have storage for keys and other essentials.

Several months passed and then I received notification that the trousers and shirt were despatching. Very quickly they arrived by FedEx and I slipped them on. The measurements taken at the time of ordering had been followed exactly and the trousers were an excellent fit. They also come with the necessary buttons for attaching braces (which I had ordered separately) and these combined perfectly to further create the costume.

These are so good I am very tempted to purchase a pair of the trousers in the 5th Doctor style at some point in the future.

High quality and a comfortable fit these are highly recommended.

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