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Raiders Gunbelt (Factory Seconds)

Raiders Gunbelt (Factory Seconds)

$50.00 USD $38.00 USD

These hand-made gunbelts feature a dark brown main belt with custom nickel-chrome finished buckle and keeper, and a sienna-brown whip holder with heavy-duty one-way snap which will keep your bullwhip securely fashioned to your hip.

  • Order your belt size based on the circumference of your waist/hip where you plan on wearing your belt (this is normally a bit lower than your pants waistband).
  • Whip holder will hold an eight to twelve foot whip depending on its thickness and coil tightness.
  • PLEASE NOTE: The snap fastener on the whip holder is installed upside down, so the leather pull tab on top does not function. The whip holder must be unfastened by pulling upward (from the whip) on the snap. Pulling down on the snap (from the leather pull tab) could damage the snap. The rest of the gunbelt is in perfect condition.
Belt Size:
Raiders Gunbelt (Factory Seconds)