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Time Jacket (Overstock)

Time Jacket (Overstock)

$425.00 USD $220.00 USD

Please state in the comment section when you order which item you want. 
Measurements are of the width and taken in inches. 

Time Jacket #1 (global shipping)
Breast pocket flap has a sharper curve (image 1) 
Made in Updated Navy with Rust Stripes
Chest width: 17.5
Full Shoulder width: 16.5
Sleeve length: 24
Armhole width: 7.75
High-arm width: 6
Bottom width: 17.5
Back Coat Length: 29

Time Jacket #2 (global shipping) (image 2)
Made in Updated Navy with Rust Stripes
Chest: 20.5
Shoulders: 18
Armhole width: 8
High-arm width:7
Sleeve: 24.5
Bottom width: 21.5
Length: 30

Time Jacket #4 (global shipping) (image 3)
Made in Custom Brown with Blue Stripes
Chest: 16.5
Shoulders: 14
Armhole: 8.25
Sleeve length: 23
Cuff width: 5
Bottom width: 18.5
Jacket length: 25.5

Time Jacket (Overstock)