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Bespoke suits are often thought of as being a luxury reserved to the wealthy. At Magnoli Clothiers, we not only offer fully tailored suits, but in any style and fit you desire and at a very reasonable cost. With several choices of lapels, jacket backs, waistcoats, and trousers there are literally hundreds of possibilities. Likewise, there are dozens of colours and materials to choose from.

Price will vary based on the features and materials selected. The price listed will get you a bespoke two-piece suit with standard materials and a few extra features. A matching waistcoat can be added. If you don't see what you're looking for, e-mail us and we'll discuss your perfect suit.

Jacket Fronts : The most important feature of any suit is the front of the jacket. Although the possibilities are endless, here are four traditional vintage designs:

High Gorge
Double Breasted
Peaked Lapels

Medium Gorge
Double Breasted
Peaked Lapels

Two Button
Single Breasted
Peaked Lapels

Three Button
Single Breasted
Notched Lapels

Jacket Backs: Often overlooked in modern suits, the back of the jacket can be made in many different ways. Shown here are three classic styles; plain back, half belt, and half belt with vertical vent. Pleats above and below the half belt accentuate the tailored look of the coat. The plain back can also be made entirely fitted or with a straighter, sack-coat cut.

Optional Vests: As with jackets, waistcoats can be made many different ways:


Notched Lapel

Peaked Lapel

Double Breasted


Pants: These can be made with no pleats, single, double, or inverted (British) pleats; straight or angled pockets, single or double rear pockets, cuffed or uncuffed.


Material: Our suits can be made in many different materials from light weight blends to linens and heavier tweeds. Available colours vary from summer whites to formal blacks, solids and pinstripes. Have a look at our various suits and jackets to see what types of materials are available. If you don't see what you're looking for, feel free to e-mail us to discuss other options.

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