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How Made-To-Measure Works: Magnoli Clothiers
Made to Measure Process

PRE-ORDER: Find a made-to-measure item you would like to purchase. If you have any questions please contact us.  

PLACE ORDER:  After you have ordered we will contact you within 1-3 days and assist you with measurements via email. We will send you instructions on how to take each measurement. If you have any questions along the way please contact us. Once you have finalized your measurements and are happy to proceed your order will be put into the Queue or pre-production depending on the item you ordered.

Note: If you wish to cancel within 1-3 days of ordering there is a 5% fee due to the credit card processing company not refunding the transaction fee they charge us when orders are cancelled.  If you wish to cancel after 1-3 days of ordering to production Queue there is a 8% cancellation fee. Once in production queue your order cannot be cancelled. 

PRE- PRODUCTION: If your order is for a standard item in our catalog using one of our standard materials your order will immediately enter the Production queue (see next stage). If your order is fully custom, the design work could take several months, but we will keep you updated via e-mail with design sketches, material options, etc.   

Note: For fully custom items, where we assisted you with designs, if you wish to cancel during this period, there is a 20% cancellation fee. 

PRODUCTION QUEUE: Once your order is processed and all materials are in stock and ready for cutting, your order will enter the wait queue. The length of wait is based on our backlog of orders at any given time, priority of orders as well as holidays and other such factors. The usual wait time is anywhere from two to four months. Sometimes orders for similar items are grouped together to speed up production. If you have upgraded your order to RUSH processing, you are put at the head of the queue and your order is started as soon as possible.
Please click here for current estimated Turnaround times
Note: No cancellation accepted once your order is in production queue due to, prior to your order being produced, materials have been ordered and paid for and also decisions on hiring more staff is based on this order queue. 

PRODUCTION: There are three main stages of production:

  1. Cutting Materials: During this stage the fabric and/or leather is measured and cut based on the measurements required by our patterns and your specifications. At this point, minor changes in measurements may still be possible. This process generally only takes a couple of days.
  2. Main Assembly: This is the actual construction of your garment, including the lining and all major components. This is the bulk of the production time, taking anywhere from one to two weeks.
  3. Finishing Touches & Quality Control: Buttons, zippers, trims and other small details are added to your garment. Before packaging, your garment is checked for quality of construction, accuracy to the patterns and consistency to the details requested.

SHIPPING: Your order now complete, garments are prepared for shipping, bagged and packaged. All made-to-measurements are shipped via express courier and usually take less than a week to arrive.

When your item arrives, we would appreciate if you could write a review of the item on our website. Feel free to also post reviews on our Facebook page as well as share photos on your favorite social media websites. Please remember to tag us in your photos!

For information about Garment care please see page: Garment Care Instructions

NOTE: If you have any problems with your item you received please contact us via email. We will assist you in finding the best solution.