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Declaration of Independence

Declaration of Independence

$75.00 USD

The main prop in the film National Treasure, was the American icon, The Declaration of Independence. We have replicated this piece of history by using high resolution scans of both the original Declaration and the 1823 engraving made by William J. Stone giving the clarity of the later engraving while maintaining the faded, aged appearance of the hand-written original.

Our replica is printed at full scale (measuring about 28" x 23") on high-quality parchment-textured paper. We age the entire document using several techniques (the browning of the paper is not printed-on, but all added by hand after printing).

The back is blank, but the same clues can be seen by shining ultraviolet light it. The large cross, filled with Masonic imagery was drawn by hand using a special invisible ink, combining several of the clues seen in the film. In the upper right corner is the Masonic compass and square, followed by the long Ottendorf cipher. Any black light can be used to view the hidden back design.

Declaration of Independence