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Imperial Uniform by Magnoli Clothiers

Imperial Uniform

$575.00 USD
Date Added: Monday 18 September, 2023
by Kurtis G.
I just want to say that I am very impressed with my order. The tunic and breeches fit perfectly on me and the breast pockets are deep enough to fit my code cylinders. However, there are two issues that need to be addressed for this outfit. I ordered the Andor version of the ISB Officer and I am friends with one of the actors who played in Andor as one of the ISB agents and he says that the chest flap is not 100% correct to the film. The flap needs to come up to the shoulder like with the Olive and Black tunics.

Then if you wish to go for the Major or Colonel ISB Officers the fabric inside the shoulders is too thick for epaulettes that are fitted with magnets but that is an easy fix for me as I would edit mine to have velcro instead. So if you are someone looking to switch between ISB Lieutenant and the Major or higher? I would suggest against it and stick to one rank. But if you are someone like me, I am not too picky about accuracy and I love the Uniform and will wear it proudly. :)

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