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14th Vest & Pants by Magnoli Clothiers

14th Vest & Pants

$595.00 USD
Date Added: Monday 10 July, 2023
by Brian W.
What can I say, the suit is immaculate! I absolutely adore the detail and how warm and comfy the W. Bill pure wool fabric feels. I also appreciate the fact the pants have adjustable sliders on the side, typically my body shape usually makes me have to wear a belt as pants do not want to sit in the right place at all without one but thankfully I do not have that problem here. The waistcoat is absolute perfection though I do wish there was an interior pocket for a Sonic but eh it's no biggie as I have one in my coat to utilize instead. My only major gripe unfortunately was the production time. This suit order was pushed back multiple times and as a result took way longer than initially anticipated to make. I fully understand that times are tough currently and this fabric is so rare that extreme care must be taken but yea, just glad to finally have it after a 6 month wait since the order was placed so I can finally take it to a con prior to the 60th Anniversary screening. All in all couldn't be happier with the suit itself if I tried. It's perfect!

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