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Galactic Aloha Shirt by Magnoli Clothiers

Galactic Aloha Shirt

$195.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 23 July, 2023
by Noah H.
If you ever pictured yourself bringing your own tropical flair to a character far far away, then this is the shirt for you.
Just recently, I took a trip to the Galactic Starcruiser and knew that I wanted some quality in-universe garments to properly immerse myself in the location. As such, I reached out to Magnoli to create a shirt that captured the overall design of my favorite Aloha shirt, and they were incredibly responsive in both rendering the pattern and allowing me to make adjustments to the design until I decided it was perfect. I had my design imprinted onto their Poe model shirt, and the colors were incredibly vibrant and saturated, which is absolutely essential for a great floral print. And, as usual, their attention to my measurements made it fit like a galactic glove. Indy even added a long sleeve on one of the front cargo pockets so that I could carry a code cylinder in!
But one of my favorite aspects about this shirt is the material itself. It's incredibly lightweight, which was a necessity for the outdoor Florida heat, and it dealt with excessive sweat incredibly well. By midday (around 11 AM), I unfortunately had to change shirts and took it back to my room. I had the random impulse to hand-wash it in the sink and hang it up in the shower on the off-chance that it might be ready by evening for photos. But to my great surprise, I came back to my room a couple hours later and found it almost completely dried on its own! So if that's a concern for you, then rest assured that this material is as quick-drying as they claim it is.
In short, this is a high-quality investment and I've no doubt that the Magnoli team will work diligently with you to make sure your ideal tropical galactic shirt is delivered to your door.

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