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Deckard Whiskey Glass by Magnoli Props

Deckard Whiskey Glass

$60.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 18 February, 2024
by Eric C.
I just received my set of Deckard Glasses, they were excellently packaged! The post office looks like they played catch with the box, but the foam kept them in tact! The glasses are amazing, I have a set of the black Arnolfo glasses and these glasses stack up next to them in quality and aesthetics. I think they’re actually better since they’re lead-free. The only difference I noticed (besides the obvious color) was that the Arnolfo ones weigh slightly more, likely because of the lesd, because dimensionally, they are almost perfectly matched. Awesome… would totally recommend to any Blade Runner or Cyberpunk 2077 fan. (I’m actually considering getting one laser-etched with “Afterlife”)

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