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Royale Leather Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Royale Leather Jacket

$550.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 14 August, 2009
by Jon F.
This is actually my first review for anything but I felt in this case I would share my views with anyone interested in getting this jacket.Lets start at the begining.I did feel a little apprehensive about ordering clothing online where I had to give the measurement details.Thankfully I already have a well fitting leather jacket to go by and I just followed the directions when ordering.Now it only took I think three weeks to get the jacket after pressing submit on the order form.
Thats fantastic for an overseas order let alone for a product like this.When I opened the package I was instantly impressed by the quality.The leather,while not as dark as I had thought it would be,I expected an almost black but it is what it says,A dark brown,is quite soft and sits well on your body.The fit thankfully was spot on too.One thing that was a really pleasant surprise was the lining.I am used to people skimping on the lining and it being way too much fabric and not really complementing the jacket but the lining in this is fantastic.It is a dark brown cotton and stays with the shell of the jacket.You dont feel like it is getting in the way of enjoying the wearing of the jacket.Its only a small thing overall but it is the details that make a difference.I have only work it twice but felt very comfortable and confident on both occasions so I would say that is a success.I have another two jackets on order.One being the Bauer hooded jacket and a brown leather Roy Hobbs.If this is any indication then I am sure the other two will be winners.
Also one other thing.The cost.The British always use a term to calculate what something is worth by looking at value for money.Is what you get good value for what you pay.Many things in this world miss the mark in this appraisal.This jacket is not one of those.This is great value for money.

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