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Hughes Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Hughes Jacket

$825.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 23 September, 2008
by Alexander G.
My quest for the Howard jacket began a little over a year ago when it caught my eye on a well known actor. Since then I've searched long and far through various businesses and private listings looking for the elusive garment. Eventually I came into contact with Indy, who did me one better than just selling me the jacket; he made it custom to my specifications. Indy worked very cooperatively with me for a period of weeks, and the results are very clear in the jacket which I now possess, which I can honestly say is the best jacket I've ever owned. It's wonderful to have a unique piece of art that is also very well made & adapted to my body.
I went for the delux veg-tanned cowhide (The product image is my jacket) and I'm very pleased with the consistency of the leather. I've had a number of lambskin jackets in the past but they would break apart quite fast; I have also had cow hide jackets that last but are not as supple. This special leather is a good compromise which provides a sturdy feel, but is also quite soft. The buttons he chose for the jacket are also quite perfect and well made.
The best part about the Howard jacket seems to be the number of ways it can be worn. There are 3 basic variations (open, half open, fully buttoned) but a few different ways of wearing it half opened which can give it a more relaxed or neat look. This is also nice because you can adapt it somewhat for warmer or cooler temperatures (the jacket fully buttoned is pretty warm even though it doesnt have a heavy lining). I would say you can wear this casually day to day (as I do) or for more formal occasions.

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