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Secord Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Secord Jacket

$595.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 21 June, 2011
by Ethan Z.
The Rocketeer has been my favorite movie as long as I can remember. I had searched for years for a replica of his iconic jacket, but to no avail. No one had a replica that could stand up to my extreme attention to detail. I wanted exactly the jacket he wore. Then I found the Secord Jacket. At the time, only the version w/o the front bib was available. I sent Mr Magnoli an email asking if he could add the bib to the jacket. He replied that he could, and I proceeded to send him several photos, both of the jacket for different angles and specific details that I wanted exactly right. I can proudly say that Indy delivered on every single small, detail obsessed request I had, delivering a more perfect jacket than I could have hoped for. He got everything I wanted, the right buttons on the front, the slight point at the base of the bib, and even the strange, mystery button hole on each side (watch the movie again, it's there). In short, Mr. Magnoli helped me finish a several year search with a better final product than I ever thought I would get. Thanks Indy for the perfect jacket!

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