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Adventure Pants by Magnoli Clothiers

Adventure Pants

$205.00 USD
Date Added: Friday 27 January, 2006
by Randy S.
I wanted to post a brief review of the Magnoli cotton trousers.

These are very nice cotton trousers, made to your measurements. I previously bought a pair of the Magnoli trousers in Merino wool, and was very happy with those, so I decided to buy a pair of the cotton trousers. The fit is excellent. These are very well made trousers (as are the Merino wool version). I also have a pair of the Wested trousers, which I like very much. The cotton Magnolis feel a bit heavier and sturdier that either the Westeds or the wool Magnolis -- they feel like they'd take more abuse. They feel like you could wear these more on a day to day basis than the Westeds or the wool Magnolis (although I wear those often, as well).

I've washed them once, and hung them to dry. They came through beautifully.

I bought the cotton trousers in the Golden Rod color Magnoli offers. They're pretty close in color to the Westeds, with a slight golden undertone the Westeds don't have.

I like the fact the cotton trousers have deeper side pockets. I can stick more stuff in them than I can in the Westeds' pockets, or in the Magnoli wool pants, for that matter. Both pair of Magnolis also have a sort of rubberized non-slip strip on the inside of the waist band on the left and right sides of the pants to keep your shirt tucked in.

Both pair of the Magnolis come with the generous hem for screen accuracy (and to keep the hem from catching on the hooks on the Alden boots).

Anyone who has read my posts on Magnoli's props over on knows I'm a big fan of that part of Magnoli's business. Now, I'm also a fan of the clothing side of his operation, too. Both pair of pants are great, and I'm looking forward to buying one of his shirts as well.

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