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Aubergine Frock Coat by Magnoli Clothiers

Aubergine Frock Coat

$695.00 USD
Date Added: Tuesday 12 November, 2013
by Adam E.
The coat in the pictures, at time of writing, is mine! I am really pleased with it. The original fabric is extremely expensive. And will probably not be re woven anytime soon. The screen original is a very eccentric fabric. Going into this, I figured that as the first one it might take longer or not be quite right straight away. I'm happy to say that it gets things mostly right and the fabric was better than I expected.

As always, make sure you send accurate measurements. What you send is what you,will get. Indy and I have been adjusting mine since I've lost some weight. A garment like is is the payoff. The fabric is a synthetic tweed and I didn't know 100% how it would turn out. With the good fit, the fabric works great. It's lighter than say a Smith style sport jacket, so to get a good look you want it well fitting. The result here is a fabric that moves and drapes well. With the tighter fit, it ends up looking very good. The coat, on me, just about would button. It's fit to not close and it's pretty spot on.

The other touches are there. Breast pocket, buttonholes on either side ( but no buttons! ) anf cuffs are all good. The back might have some seams reworked down the road. I thought the look would be strange with no pockets, but because the fit is good it works well. The SA coat has no pockets as well. I was worried it might not work. But it does. The collar is very spot on as well.

Lastly, the fabric. Given the nature of the fabric, it's expensive to reproduce. This was found from a supplier and works really well. The screen accurate version has a purple tweed with flecks and a brown square pattern woven in. This is a close pattern with a good match for the purple color. There are white and red flecks in the fabric. The red is not the dominant color, which is good since the white is what you want to show more. From a couple of feet out, it looks very much like on TV. For close, you do lose the brown square pattern . Personally, I don't care too much for that, so this is better for me. The purple look is very well represented. It's going to be hard to find a better fabric. I have a slimmer build, so the combination of a close enough fabric wih good tailoring really sold it for me.

Very happy with it. Might be my New Year's outfit if I can get away with it.

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