Star Lord Jacket by Magnoli Clothiers

Star Lord Jacket

Date Added: Tuesday 10 November, 2015
by Philipp Z.
*best* starlord-jacket you can get.

there are issues, the leather-color is not quite what i was looking for (slightly too bordeaux-ish) and the fit is quite loose on the waist. Do not expect to order and you're the starlord by next tuesday.
that said, this is still BY FAR the best and most accurate jacket available. The work that still needs to be done is acceptable, and what i expected. breaking it in does take a while, because the leather is thick, and will last for ever.
The fit is perfect on the chest and shoulders.
About the canvas and the print: it is superb. No other replica comes close to what Indy does here, the pattern is perfect, even the "imperfections" are screen-acurate!
the zippers are perfectly screen-acurate (not perfectly practical, but look at them, these are very exotic zippers, you get what you expect, i like them very much!)
the inlay is not what i expected (i had no idea what the one used in the movie had as the inlay) thought its just plain cotton, its a mesh/net; but its very practical, and not seen when you wear the jacket.

all in all, this is a great jacket. if you want it as a screen-acurate replica, you will have to put some more work into it, but indy has already done 90% of it!
if you just happen to like this, or maybe don't even know Guardians of the galaxy, i can also recommend this jacket highly! its well made, its sturdy, and will last for decades.

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