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British Mark VII Satchel by Magnoli Clothiers

British Mark VII Satchel

$58.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 01 April, 2018
by Kristofer R.
This bag is terrific. Not only is it accurate and looks good, but it is also genuinely durable and useful. I used this bag daily for a year and a half for everything from work to hikes, and it is still holding up; the only signs of wear it has shown are the paint coming off the rings where the strap is attached (because I attached a metal carabiner to each ring in order to clip them to the belt loops on my pants, for when I don't want the bag to swing freely) and slight discoloration of the bag itself showing where I always carry certain items. I don't use the bag daily anymore because I've since bought other bags I also like, but I still use it regularly, particularly for more casual and adventurous outings.

To give an idea of what this bag can hold: I can easily carry a water bottle, notebook, an Altoids tin, a wallet-sized pouch with medical necessities and two rolled-up bandanas, and still have room for other items I may need to carry in the course of my day.

The only drawback I've experienced is that if the bag gets wet, some of the writing on the inside of the flap can bleed through to the outside, The bag is not harmed, however.

Rating: 5 of 5 Stars! [5 of 5 Stars!]