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Quantum Sunglasses by Magnoli Clothiers

Quantum Sunglasses

$80.00 USD
Date Added: Sunday 26 May, 2019
by Jay S.
They seem quite strong, made neatly and fabricated. Comes with a handkerchief and a large, sturdy case. They will definitely protect your glasses in any situation, also in a fight, chase, shootout, etc. The sunglasses were carefully packed, which also pleased me. Delivery took a little more than two weeks, but I was on a trip quite far from New Zealand, so everything is in order.
What should pay attention to the manufacturer: the color of the lenses is not as saturated, it is lighter and more transparent than the original glasses. Also on mine was a very small scratch on the left temples, but it is noticeable only if you look closely, or run fingernail at a certain angle. But not all such meticulous Sherlock as me. And let's not forget how much they cost compared to the original. Eventually 4 point out of 5. I always put on one point less, so that manufacturers had an incentive to develop further.
 In fine, these are great sunglasses, 100% worth every penny. Thanks Magnoli Clothiers for what you do and giving us the opportunity to wear things that we like.

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